2022 Meeting of the SCSP & NCPS
Converse University
Friday March 25 & Saturday March 26

Schedule at a glance (full schedule below):



9:00-12:00     Registration

1:15               Opening

2:00-4:15       Sessions 1A-F

4:30-5:30       Keynote Address

5:30-7:30       Reception


9:30-11:45     Sessions 2A-F

1:30-3:00       Sessions 3A-G

3:30-5:00       Sessions 4A-G

5:30-7:30       Reception


Download a copy of the full schedule.


Friday, March 25


9:00-12:00         Registration and Check-In                                          Kuhn 2nd floor lobby


1:15                   General Welcome                                                        Lever Auditorium (Kuhn 203)

  • Devi Dillard-Wright (SCSP President) & Stephen Puryear (NCPS President)

  • Lienne Medford (Converse Provost)

  • Kevin DeLapp (SCSP Vice-President and Conference Program Chair)


2:00-4:15       Concurrent Sessions


Session 1A:       Thinking the Political Present                                     Kuhn 101

Chair: Haley Dunn (Converse)

  • 2:00pm     Murray Skees (USC Beaufort), "Towards a Critique of Datafication"

  • 2:45pm     James Manos (Caldwell), "Reflections on the Ethics and Metaphysics of Punishment"

  • 3:30pm     Rick Elmore (Appalachian State), "The Terror of Pragmatic Politics: Adorno's Concept of Non-Violence"


Session 1B:       Aesthetics: Music & Games                                        Kuhn 108

Chair: Brooke Perry (Converse)

  • 2:00pm     Ben McCraw (USC Upstate), "Brutal Truth: Modern(ist) Aesthetics and Death Metal"

  • 2:45pm     Stephanie Jennings (Michigan State), "The Heroic Authoritarianism of Monomythic Video Games"


Session 1C:       Race & Culture                                                           Kuhn 122

Chair: Brett Sherman (USC Columbia)

  • 2:00pm     Talhah Mustafa (Nebraska-Lincoln), "The Role of Culture in Race"

  • 2:45pm     Jaleel Fotovat-Ahmadi (Boston Univ.), "The Moral Significance of Race: Understanding Du Bois through James and Royce"

  • 3:30pm     Hyo Won Seo (Texas A&M), "Born without the Light: Baldwin and Morrison on Fear of the Dark(y)"


Session 1D:       Reparations                                                                 Kuhn 123

Chair: Jeremy Henkel (Wofford)

  • 2:00pm      Mariam Duidam-Kazajian (Indiana Univ.), "Shameful Identities: Reparations and Responsibility" [Zoom]

  • 2:45pm      Khang Tôn (UC Davis), "Reparative Obligations to Refugees"

Session 1E:       Normative Claims & Reasons                                      Kuhn 125

Chair: Paul Forrester (Yale)

  • 2:45pm      Jake Khawaja (Rutgers), "The Combining View of Claims"

  • 2:45pm      Stephanie Hoffmann (Wisconsin-Madison), "Moral Encroachment and the Distinction between Right Kinds of Reasons

                                      and Wrong Kinds of Reasons"

  • 3:30pm      Henrique Cassol (Missouri-St. Louis), "Blind Spot and Clear View Reasons: A Dual Solution to the Internal vs. External

                                      Reasons Debate"

Session 1F:      Dignity & Democracy                                                  Kuhn 337

Chair: Nancy Williams (Wofford)

  • 2:45pm      Eric Scarffe (Florida International), "Toward a Dignity-Based Account of International Law"

  • 3:30pm      Joseph Porter (UNC Chapel Hill), "Two Arguments Against Democracy from Political Irresponsibility"

4:30pm                   Keynote Address                                                    Lever Auditorium (Kuhn 203)

            Chair: Devi Dillard-Wright (USC Aiken)

            Speaker: George Yancy (Emory University)

                    “Black Embodiment and the Violence of Whiteness”


5:30-7:30pm           Reception                                                                Lever 2nd floor lobby & lounge


Saturday, March 26


9:30-11:45         Concurrent Sessions


Session 2A:      Trust & Authority                                                         Kuhn 101

Chair: Jonathan Dixon (Wake Forest)

  • 9:30am      Brett Sherman (USC Columbia), "Power and Openness"

  • 10:15am    Saba Bazargan-Forward (UC San Diego), "Authority, Cooperation, and Accountability"

Session 2B:      Anti-Racism                                                                  Kuhn 108

Chair: Brooke Perry (Converse)

  • 10:15am    Paul Wilson (Shaw), "Dismantling Racist Institutions for Transitional Justice"

  • 11:00am    Bowen Zheng (Wake Forest), "How Do Words Manipulate? Debunking Trumps' Anti-Asian Racist Utterance"


Session 2C:      Philosophy of Religion                                                  Kuhn 123

Chair: Benny Mattis & Sloane Hopkins (Covenant) 

  • 10:15am    Ryan Kulesa (Missouri), "Counterfactual Dependence is Sufficient for Divine Causation" **NCPS Grad Prize**

  • 11:00am    Chet Duke (Univ. South Florida), "The Faith of Man in Himself: Locating Feuerbach in Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathustra"

Session 2D:       Virtue                                                                           Kuhn 125

Chair: Bill Davis (Covenant)

  • 10:15am    Guss Duindam (Michigan-Ann Arbor), "The Formula of Universal Law and Kant's Virtue Ethics" [Zoom]

  • 11:00am    Daniel Grasso (Missouri-St. Louis), "Virtue Ethics and Radical Conversion: A Skill Disanalogy"


Session 2E:       French Political Philosophy                                         Kuhn 336

Chair: Cameron Carsten (Wofford)

  • 10:15am      Kristina Grob (USC Sumter), "The Master's Tools, Revisited: Implicit Gender Essentialisms in Second Wave Beauvoir                                                    Scholarship"

  • 11:00am      Maia Wellborn (Univ. Oregon), "Violence as Disalienation: Reading Embodied Resistance in Fanon"


Session 2F:       Applied Ethics                                                             Kuhn 337

Chair: Beth Hupfer (High Point)

  • 9:30am        Gavin Markovic (Charleston), "Changing the Model of the Criminal Justice System" **SCSP Undergrad Prize**

  • 10:15am      Ginny Coleman (Queen's Univ. Charlotte), "The Ethics of Non-Therapeutic Infant Male Circumcision in the U.S.: An 

                                       Exploration through Theory" **NCPS Undergrad Prize**

  • 11:00am      Tobias Flattery (Wake Forest), "Do Robots Deserve Moral Rights? Even If Not, Should We Treat Them As If They Do?"


11:45-1:30pm     Break

  • See insert included with registration materials for lunch suggestions

  • The SCSP Business meeting will be held in Mickel Library 201 during this time. The meeting is open to South Carolina based instructional faculty of any rank.


1:30-3:00           Concurrent Sessions


Session 3A:       Pedagogy                                                                       Kuhn 101

Chair: Kristina Grob (USC Sumter)

  • 1:30pm       Mark Herman (Arkansas State), "From Outside or Inside? Priming Intro Students' Philosophical Disposition"


Session 3B:       Philosophy of Language                                                Kuhn 108

Chair: Brett Sherman (USC Columbia)

  • 1:30pm       Jeffrey Kaplan (UNC Greensboro), "Semantic Power"

  • 2:15pm       Josephine Lovejoy (Wisconsin-Madison), "An Inquiry into the Necessity of Language for Metaphorical Understanding"


Session 3C:       Faith                                                                               Kuhn 122

Chair: Paul Wilson (Shaw)

  • 1:30pm       Nathan Fredere (Covenant), "The Paradox of Faith in Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling"

  • 2:15pm       Chris Tweed (Christopher Newport), "An Argument for the Perspectival Account of Faith"


Session 3D:       Conspiracy Theories                                                      Kuhn 123

Chair: Haley Dunn (Converse)

  • 1:30pm       Mark Stone (Furman), "Is There a Problem with Conspiracy Theories?"

  • 2:15pm       Ryan Ross (Johns Hopkins), "Conspiracy Theories in Echo Chambers"


Session 3E:      Mind & Consciousness                                                   Kuhn 125

Chair: Brooke Perry (Converse)

  • 1:30pm     Lorenzo Manuali (Stanford), "The Dual Learning and Motivation Dysfunction Theory of Addictive Desire: A Neurophilosophical                                Theory"

  • 2:15pm     Will Leonard (Univ. Arizona), "The Science of Consciousness and the Foundations of Phenomenology"


Session 3F:      Platonism                                                                        Kuhn 336

Chair: Daniel Grasso (Missouri-St. Louis)

  • 1:30pm     Daniel Larkin (Georgia Southern), "Appearances Can be Revealing: The Truth Behind the Seven Accounts of Sophistry in

                                     Plato's Sophist"

  • 2:15pm     Benny Mattis, "Anamnetic Eschatology in Five Gospels"


Session 3G:      Science                                                                            Kuhn 337

Chair: Mary Owens Davidson (Converse)

  • 1:30pm      Jim Stewart (USC Columbia), "What is Ad Hocness?" **SCSP Grad Prize**

3:30-5:00           Concurrent Sessions


Session 4A:      Interpreting Hume                                                           Kuhn 101

Chair: Kristy Stapleton (Covenant)

  • 3:30pm     Nathan Sasser (Greenville Tech), "What Livingston Got Right--and Wrong--about Hume's Concept of Philosophy"

  • 4:15pm     Alayna Bradberry (Covenant), "An Analysis of Max Grober's The Steady Contempt of Life"

Session 4B:      Moral Psychology                                                            Kuhn 108

Chair: Kristina Grob (USC Sumter)

  • 3:30pm     Michael Bruckner (Wisconsin-Madison), "Resemblance, Magnetism, Role? A Metasemantic Challenge for Moral Thought 


  • 4:15pm     Nathan Wood (Central Piedmont), "Can You Forgive Me? A Preliminary Analysis of a Problem"

Session 4C:      Evidence & Explanation                                                   Kuhn 122

Chair: Brooke Perry (Converse)

  • 3:30pm     Jonathan Barker (Wake Forest), "Explanation and Defeat" **NCPS Faculty Prize**

  • 4:15pm     Paul Forrester (Yale), "Two Kinds of Epistemic Permissivism"

Session 4D:      Skepticism                                                                        Kuhn 123

Chair: Jeremy Henkel (Wofford)

  • 3:30pm     Jeremy Henkel (Wofford), "How to Respond to Vaccine Skepticism: A Nyāya-Based Account"

  • 4:15pm     Jonathan Dixon (Wake Forest), "Dismissing Skepticism"

Session 4E:      Nominalism                                                                       Kuhn 125

Chair: Bailey Szustak (Illinois-Chicago)

  • 3:30pm     Daniel Berntson (Rutgers), "Nominalism and Immutability"

  • 4:15pm     Patrick Rardin (Appalachian State), "The Problem with Conscious Apprehension for Deflationary Nominalists"

Session 4F:       Ancient Political Philosophy                                            Kuhn 336

Chair: Haley Dunn (Converse)

  • 3:30pm     Chrysoula Gitsoulis (CUNY), "The Individual vs. the State: A Study of Socrates and Antigone"

  • 4:15pm     Kennon Later (Wake Forest), "Epicurean Hedonism and Justice: Is Beneficial Coexistence Possible for the Individual and the


Session 4G:      Time                                                                                  Kuhn 337

Chair: Hyo Won Seo (Texas A&M)

  • 3:30pm     Sam Scott (Kent State), "It's about Time: 'Ticking' Off Mark Heller"

  • 4:15pm     Katherine Valde (Wofford), "Biological Timescales and the Processual Nature of Life" **SCSP Faculty Prize**

5:30-7:30          Phifer Science Building, 1st & 2nd floor lobbies

Closing Remarks, Reception, and Awards Ceremony