2015 Meeting of the SCSP
Wofford College
Friday March 27 & Saturday March 28


Schedule at a glance:



12:00-2:00       Registration

2:00                 Welcome

2:30-3:30         Session 1

3:45-4:45          Session 2

5:00                 Keynote Address

6:00-7:30         Reception



9:00-11:00       Session 3

11:15-12:15     Session 4

12:30               Break

2:45-4:15         Session 5

4:30-6:30         Session 6

6:45                 Presidential Address


Download a copy of the full schedule.
Download a map of Wofford. Note: Visitors will be able to park in all Wofford lots for free.

Full schedule:


Friday, March 27


12:00                Registration and Check-In                                          Olin Foyer


2:00-2:15           General Welcome                                                          Olin 101

  • Dennis Wiseman, Provost, Wofford College

  • J. Aaron Simmons, Society President

  • Kevin DeLapp, Society Vice-President and Conference Program Chair


2:30-3:30          Concurrent Sessions


Session 1A:       Nietzsche                                                                      Olin 220

Chair: Stephen Michelman (Wofford College)

  • C.J. Davies (Vanderbilt University) “Speculative Realism and Nietzsche’s Two Critiques of Metaphysics”

  • Malcolm Munson (Greenville Technical College) “Hitler, Nazism, and Nietzsche’s ‘Dangerous Ideas’”


Session 1B:       Free Will                                                                       Olin 218

Chair: Beau Branson (University of Notre Dame)

  • Peter Furlong (University of North Carolina, Asheville) “Evaluating Event-Causal Chance Incompatibilism”

  • Michael Crawford (Furman University) “Reliability and Reductionism: Making Room for the Mental”


Session 1C:       Relativity and Quantum Mechanics                   Montgomery TBD

Chair: Luke Roelofs (University of Toronto)

  • Cristin Chall (University of South Carolina) “Doubts for the Non-Empirical Theory Assessment of String Theory”

  • Chris Arledge (Ohio University) “A Relativistic Proposal for the Problem of the Receptacle”


3:45-4:45          Concurrent Sessions


Session 2A:       Biology and Normativity                                                Olin 220

Chair: Sumner Arbuckle (Wofford College)

  • Ryan Marshall Felder (Binghamton University) “Noncognitivism’s Evolutionary Underpinnings”


  • Erik A. Anderson (Furman University) “Pleasure over Biology: an Alternative to Alexander Pruss’s Conception of Marital Sex”


Session 2B:       Metaphysics                                                                 Olin 218

Chair: TBD (Wofford College)

  • William A. Bauer (North Carolina State University) “Powers ≠ Qualities”

  • Adam Omelianchuk (University of South Carolina) “Why Can’t Substances Be Part of Other Substances?”


Session 2C:       Mind and Self                                                  Montgomery TBD

Chair: Brenna Byler (Converse College)

  • David De Bruijn (University of Pittsburgh) “The Understanding and the Imagination”

  • Luke Roelofs (University of Toronto) “Rational Agency without Self-Awareness: Could ‘We’ Replace ‘I’?”


5:00      Keynote Address                                                     McMillan Theatre

            David B. Wong (Duke University)

         “Relativism and Moral Ambivalence between Relationship and Autonomy”


6:00-7:30          Reception                                   Martha Cloud Chapman Gallery


Saturday, March 28


9:00-11:00         Concurrent Sessions


Session 3A:      Virtue and Duty                                                             Olin 220

Chair: C.J. Davies (Vanderbilt University)

  • Markus Weidler (Columbus State University) “Witnessing: Karl Kraus as a Critical Resource for Virtue Ethics”

  • Nora Grigore (University of Texas at Austin) “On the Difficulty of Accounting for Supererogation”

  • James Grindeland (University of North Georgia and Piedmont College) “Is Kant’s Groundwork Frankfurtian Bullshit?”

  • Sungwoo Um (Duke University) “Virtue, Virtuous Activity, and Moral Self-Indulgence"

Session 3B:      Philosophy of Religion                                                  Olin 218

Chair: Kyle Keefer (Converse College)

  • Rickey J. Ray (Northeast State Community College) “Heaven is in the Picture: Reclaiming the Grammar of a Religious Concept”

  • Jacob Given (Villanova University) “Letting the Finite Vanish: Hegel, Tillich, and Caputo on the Ontological Philosophy of Religion”

  • Beau Branson (University of Notre Dame) “Scriptural Arguments in Philosophical Theology”

  • Samantha Menapace (Furman University) “Abraham is Accepted”


Session 3C:      Justice and Respect                                                      Olin 213

Chair: Julie Edwards (Converse College)

  • Justin P. Holt (New York University, Gallatin) “Does Distributive Justice Require the Participation of the Advantaged? Redistribution versus Asset Creation”

  • Jordan Dopkins (University of Florida) “Insular Communities and Multiculturalism in Robert Nozick’s Framework for Utopias”

  • Alexis Elder (Southern Connecticut State University) “A Theory of Intergroup Offense and Respect”

  • Julinna C. Oxley (Coastal Carolina University) “Gender and the Ethics of Political Representation”


Session 3D:      Happiness                                                                    Olin 201

Chair: Brenna Byler (Converse College)

  • Matthew J. Kisner (University of South Carolina) “Hobbes’s Criticism of Eudaimonism and the Origin of Morality”

  • Craig E. Bacon (University of South Carolina) “Proportionality, Maximization, and the Highest Good”

  • Michael Dale (Brandeis University) “What is the Psychological State of Happiness?”

  • Sara Kolmes (Florida State University) “Anxiety and Well-Being”


11:15-12:15       Concurrent Sessions


Session 4A:       Moral Psychology and Responsibility                             Olin 220

Chair: Craig Bacon (University of South Carolina)


  • Brenna Byler (Converse College) “The Role of Moral Imagination in Motivating Moral Conversion”

  • George Stametz (Florida State University) “On Zimmerman’s ‘Taking Luck Seriously’”


Session 4B:       Skepticism in Early Modern Philosophy                        Olin 218

Chair: James Bednar (Wofford College)

  • Benjamin McCraw (University of South Carolina - Upstate) “A Reidean Transcendental Argument against Skepticism”

  • Nathan Sasser (University of South Carolina) “Hume’s Rhetorical Rationale for Sometimes Talking Like an Inductive Skeptic”


Session 4C:       Philosophy of Time                                                       Olin 213

Chair: Laura Morales (Converse College)

  • David Taylor (North Carolina State University) “Dynamic B-Series”

  • Gerad Gentry (University of South Carolina) “A Hegelian Variation on Time: An Answer to Problems of the Persistence of Concrete Particulars”


12:30-2:30 Break

  • See insert included with registration materials for lunch suggestions

  • The SCSP Business meeting will be held in the Gingko Room (downstairs in Burwell) during this time. The Meeting is open to South Carolina based instructional faculty of any rank.

  • Additionally, the Holcombe Room (downstairs in Burwell) will be reserved as an open space for any interested undergraduate students to meet and talk informally with graduate students and early-career faculty about the experience of graduate study in philosophy, the sociology of the profession, etc.


2:45-4:15           Concurrent Sessions


Session 5A:       Philosophy of Language                                                Olin 220

Chair: Rickey J. Ray (Northeast State Community College)

  • Julia Azarova (V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University) “Paul Ricoeur’s Philosophy of Metaphor”

  • Henry Schiller (Edinburgh University) “Making Sense of Intention”

  • Justin Weinberg (University of South Carolina) “What We Want to Hear”


Session 5B:       Knowledge and Justification                                         Olin 218

Chair: Benjamin McCraw (University of South Carolina - Upstate)

  • Gary Stephen Elkins (Toccoa Falls College) “Rethinking Religious Epistemology: Finding a Middle Ground between Fideism and Natural Theology (and annoying everyone in the process)”

  • Brandon Boesch (University of South Carolina) “Representational Force, Surrogate Reasoning, and Inference”

  • Jay Carlson (Loyola University – Chicago) “Seemings and Cognitive Achievement: An Examination of Two Accounts of Know-How”


Session 5C:       Descartes and the Ontological Argument                       Olin 213

Chair: Charley Kay (Wofford College)

  • Timothy Kirschenheiter (Wayne State University) “God’s Perfection Does Not Imply Necessity”

  • Garry Moore B. Soronio (University of California, Los Angeles) “René Descartes’ Ontological Argument for God’s Existence and the Foundation for Certainty”

  • Mark Stone (Furman University) “Externalism and the Cartesian Circle”


Session 5D:       Values and Institutions                                                 Olin 201

Chair: Gerad Gentry (University of South Carolina)

  • James Rhea (University of South Carolina) “Consensus Formation and Medical Liberalism: Coming to Agree about the Goals of Clinical Ethics”

  • Roel Feys (University of South Carolina) “The Ethics of Allocating Health Care Resources through Institutions for Collective Action”

  • Samuel Klein (Furman University) “Beyond the Artworld: The Aesthetics of Outsider Art”


4:30-6:30          Concurrent Sessions


Session 6A:      Death and Evil                                                              Olin 220

Chair: TBD (Wofford College)

  • Gregory Moss (Clemson University) “Evil is Less Than Nothing: Meister Eckhart on Evil”

  • Oren Magid (Georgetown University) “Heidegger and Contemporary Philosophy of Death”

  • Caley Howland (Furman University) “Rough Heroes Undermine the Banality of Evil”


Session 6B:      Guns and War                                                               Olin 218

Chair: Julinna C. Oxley (Coastal Carolina University)

  • Emily M. Crookston (Coastal Carolina University) “Drone’s: Froom Just War Theory to Creating a Culture of Ethics”

  • Jonathan Trerise (Coastal Carolina University) “Just Espionage Theory – A First Approximation”


Session 6C:      Animals and the Environment                                       Olin 213

Chair: Nancy Williams (Wofford College)

  • Michael Allen (East Tennessee State University) and Erica von Essen (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) “The Republican Zoopolis: Towards a New Legitimation Framework for Relational Animal Ethics”

  • Teddy Corcoran (Washington & Lee University) “The Ethical Hunter”

  • Rick Elmore (Appalachian State University) “Not For Us: Realism, Pessimism, and Anthropocentrism in an Indifferent Universe”

  • Charles Dalrymple-Fraser (University of Toronto) “The Conception Argument for Climate Change Enaction”


Session 6D:      Phenomenology & Subjectivity                                      Olin 201

Chair: Jacob Given (Villanova University)

  • Christopher R. Tracy (Central Connecticut State University) “Cure By Etiology: The Conscience, the Self, and the Other”

  • Frederic Besnard (University of Brest) “Lived Experience and International Mobility: A Phenomenological Study”

  • Dante Durrman (Furman University) “Subjective Reduncancy”


6:45                     Montgomery Room (Burwell)

Presidential address and banquet           
Presentation of Society awards for student papers