South Carolina Society for Philosophy

2015 Summer Symposium

USC Upstate


Friday, August 14


2:00     Check-in


3:00     Greek Philosophy


  • Jim Griffis (Upstate), “Plato’s Use and Abuse of Polemarchus in Republic”

  • Mike Hannen (Clemson), “Reflections of Gill’s Traditionalist Interpretation of Timaen Particulars”



Saturday, August 15


9:00     Breakfast


10:00   Metaphilosophy


  • Kelly Smith (Clemson), “Why Philosophers Should Be Thinking about the Search for Life on Other Planets”

  • Kevin DeLapp (Converse), “Metaethics and the Limits of Philosophy”


11:30   Break


2:30     Philosophy of Religion


  • Benjamin McGraw (Upstate), “Alston, Aristotle, and Epistemic Normativity”

  • J. Aaron Simmons (Furman), “Reading Kierkegaard as a Pentecostal: a Thought Experiment”