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SCSP Program 2023

University of South Carolina - Beaufort

Hilton Head Island, SC

March 31-April 1

The address for all events is: 1 Sand Shark Drive, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Schedule at a Glance

Friday, March 31

2:00-4:00pm Registration and Check-in (Lobby)

2:30-4:00pm Concurrent sessions 1A-D

4:15-5:30pm Keynote Address (Room 103)

5:30-7:00pm Reception (Lobby)

Saturday, April 1st

10:00-10:30am Registration and Check-in (Lobby)

10:30-12:00pm Concurrent session 2A-D

12:00-1:30pm Lunch Break 

1:30-3:00pm Concurrent sessions 3A-D

3:00-3:15pm Coffee Break

3:15- 4:45pm Concurrent sessions 4A-D

5:00-5:30pm Closing remarks & Award Presentation (Room 103)

Schedule Details 

Friday, March 31st

1A        Surrealism, Afropessimism, and Surveillance Capitalism (Room 115)

Chair: Ben McCraw (USC – Upstate)

  • 2:30pm Rick Elmore (Appalachian State University), “The Ruse of Analogy, the Slave, and Social Death: Misreadings in Afropessimism”

  • 3:00pm Murray Skees (USC Beaufort), “Enclosing the Digital Commons: Enveloping, Expanding, and, Eventually, Datafying Everything”

  • 3:30pm Joe Weiss (Appalachian State University), “Surrealist Phantasmagoria”


1B        Political Philosophy (Room 207)

Chair: Katherine Valde (Wofford College)

  • 2:30pm Eric Scarffe (Florida International University) and Katherine Valde (Wofford College), “Impartiality as a Misplaced Ideal: Gender, Race, Law, and Science”

  • 3:00pm Travis Hreno (University of Akron), “Political Liberty and Jury Nullification”

  • 3:30pm Alex Levine (Independent Scholar), “Heidegger's Greek Nazism: Speech, Language, and Disclosure”


1C        Bioethics (Room 213)

Chair: Kevin DeLapp (Converse University)

  • 2:30pm Mary Owen Davidson (Converse University), “A New Solution to the Issue of SSR Overdependence”

  • 3:00pm Lisa Cassidy (Ramapo College of New Jersey), “Adoption: Changing the Narrative?”

  • 3:30pm Ryan Kulesa (University of Missouri - Columbia), “The Counterfactual Argument Against Abortion”


1D        Philosophy of Language (Room 214)

Chair: Samuel Bennett (University of Georgia)

  • 2:30pm Thomas Burke (USC-Columbia), “Making Sense of Peirce’s Pragmatic Maxim”

  • 3:00pm Rachel Keith (University of Southern California) and Ethan Higginbotham(University of California, Davis), “Diagnosing Diagnosis”

  • 3:30pm James Simpson (University of Florida), “The Middle View of Proper Names”

Saturday, April 1st

2A         Philosophy of Science (Room 103)

Chair: Eric Scarffe (Florida International University)

  • 10:30am Jonathan Dixon (Wake Forest University), “Experimental Philosophy and Philosophical Skepticism: A Reply to Machery"

  • 11:00am Agnes Bolinska (University of South Carolina), “Managing uncertainty: Nested representation and epistemic iteration in integrative structure modeling”

  • 11:30am Ilir Isufi (University of Cincinnati), “Biomedical Research Exposes the Limits of Explanatory Reductionism”

2B        History and Political Philosophy (Room 207)

Chair: Jonathan Trerise (Costal Carolina University)

  • 10:30am Olga Lenczewska (University of North Carolina, Wilmington), “Kant and Rawls on Moral Maturation”

  • 11:00am Cameron Carsten (Wofford College), “Constant Transgression: Nietzsche, Bataille, and C.S. Lewis on how to understand the role of sin in modern evangelical Christianity.”

  • 11:30am Firooz Jafari (Texas A&M University), “Gadamer on Bildung and Solidarity”


2C       Metaethics  (Room 213)

Chair: Andrew Garland (Bob Jones University)

  • 10:30am Evan Barker (University of South Carolina), “A Defense of Emotivism and its Utility in Normative Discourse”

  • 11:00am Sean Brantley (North Carolina State University), “Moving away from The Trolley Problem”

  • 11:30am Dario Cecchini (North Carolina State University), “Moral intuitions and the reliability challenge”


2D        Social Metaphysics (room 214)

Chair: Ataollah Hashemi (St. Louis University)

  • 10:30am Tim Juvshik (Clemson University), “Artifacts and Social Dependence”

  • 11:00am Samuel Bennett (University of Georgia), “AI and Aesthetic Prediction: Will Recommender Systems Surpass User Self-Knowledge?”

  • 11:30am James Murphy (Indiana University Bloomington), “Do We Need a Metaphysics of Gender?"


3A        Social Epistemology (Room 115)

Chair: Eric Scarffe (Florida International University)

  • 1:30pm Jabran Amanat-Lee (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), “Existential Assertions, Knowledge Transmission, and Knowledge Generation: An Analysis of How they Fit”

  • 2:00pm Matthew Traverez (USC-Columbia), “A Critique of Kelly’s Account of the Bias Blind Spot”

  • 2:30pm Ben McCraw (USC Upstate), “Bottoms Up, Socrates: The Myth of the Cave, Echo Chambers, and Extreme Epistemic Pesimism”

3B        Applied Ethics (room 207)

Chair: Brett Sherman (USC- Columbia)

  • 1:30pm Kate Yuan (Independent Scholar) and Olga Lenczewska (University of North Carolina, Wilmington), “Negative Duty, Philanthropy and Global Poverty”

  • 2:00pm Peter Seipel (UCS- Lancaster), “Should We Save the Children?”

  • 2:30pm Jonathan Trerise (Costal Carolina University) “The moral in/equality of spies”


3C        Metaphysics (Room 213)

Chair: Katherine Valde (Wofford College)

  • 1:30pm Yanssel Garcia (University of Nebraska at Omaha), “Endurantism, Presentism, and the Problem of Temporary Intrinsics”

  • 2:00pm Ataollah Hashemi (St. Louis University), “First-Person Causation: A Panpsychist Proposal”


3D       Ancient Ethics  (Room 214)

Chair: Ryan Kulesa (University of Missouri - Columbia)

  • 1:30pm Trey Irby (UNC-Charlotte) “An Ethicist Prepares: A Stanislavskian Approach to Virtue Ethics”

  • 2:00pm Joshua Miller (Independent Scholar), “Aristotle’s Hylomorphic Ethics: A Defense for the Metaphysical Foundation Hypothesis”

  • 2:30pm Morgan Rempel (Georgia Southern University) “Teaching Stoicism on Suicide”



4A        Epistemology (Room 115)

Chair: Ben McCraw (USC – Upstate)

  • 3:15pm Brett Sherman (USC- Columbia), “Truth Guaranteed”

  • 3:45pm Shih-Hao Liu (University of Miami), “Philosophical Skepticism, Serious Unconceived Objections, and Modal Skepticism”

  • 4:15pm Pak-Him Lai (Texas A&M University), “Fragmentation and the Preface Paradox”


4B        Nature, Truth, & God (Room 207)

Chair: Peter Seipel (UCS- Lancaster)

  • 3:15pm Kyle Barnes (USC- Columbia), “Simone Weil’s Affliction, God, and Hope”

  • 3:45pm Jack Simmons (Georgia Southern University), “Burning the Truth"

  • 4:15pm Yanming An (Clemson University), “Two Patterns of Correlative Thought: A Comparison of Indian and Chinese Cyclicality”

4C        Ethics  (Room 213)

Chair: Murray Skees (USC Beaufort)

  • 3:15pm Adam Zweber (University of North Carolina-Wilmington), “Cosmic Indifference”

  • 3:45pm Andrew Garland (Bob Jones University), “No harm in asking”: Constraints on permissible requests”

  • 4:15pm Bailey Szustak (University of Illinois-Chicago), “Neurodivergent Philosophy and the Philosophy of Neurodiversity”


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